Should You Use A Travelling Agent? Here are the Pros and Cons

Should You Use A Travelling Agent? Here are the Pros and Cons

There are several ways to get things done, two especially, and they include doing them yourself or paying someone else to take care of them. While you may choose to do things yourself for some reasons, there are also those reasons for which you have to let someone else take care of them for you. These have formed the bedrock for the rise of service-based companies in almost any area of life and activity you can think about.
Need your shoes shined? There’s a professional for that. And if you need your mails delivered for you, you sure will find scores of companies on that. So when it comes to booking your flights or making other travel arrangements, there is just a whole lot about it that would make you need help. But that doesn’t leave you with a second thought on whether you should rather go about it yourself.

It starts with convenience

What we pay for when we have other people take care of things we could have handled ourselves is due largely to the convenience we enjoy. The busy person would rather have someone take care of all the little and big troubles of travel arrangements, whether it is just finding out prices of tickets from several airlines and picking out the best. If time and stress are your concerns, then you are better off with an agent.

Expert advice

The services of an experienced travel agent can be invaluable. A good agent will offer you expert advice concerning your trips and vacations. And when followed, you get to have things work quite smoothly for you. There are many questions you may have to ask, and you can find answers when you consult an agent. They can make recommendations for you based on their experiences, and help you avert troubles.

Great deals

Well established, experienced, and versatile agents have strong links with airlines, hotels and cruise lines, etc., and obtain favours (such as discounts and special offers) from those relationships. They can pass on these favours to their customers or be able to get them special deals and upgrades.

Help all the way

Should there arise any issue during the trip, a good agent can be of immense help. With the contacts and relationships they have established over time, agents can be able to save the day.  An agent can be able to help with last minute changes on flight or accommodation.

But the cost

Of course, while there are great advantages in using travel agents, there is the other part of it. This means extra cost financially for the services of the agent. Some airlines do not have referral deals with agents; hence, having an agent book the flight may be more expensive. And sometimes you can get better deals when you book directly with the airline.

Maybe fewer options

When considering that most agents recommend only companies they have contacts and relationships with, you may feel limited by their options. Sometimes researching yourself can open you up to some better options.

Now when you have to plan a trip, weigh your options and see what’s better for you. Experienced travellers may have less need for agents. But when the trip is a complicated one, you may just want to leave it for an agent. However, if you have to pick an agent, it is important to make sure you find one. Because as much as an agent can be of immense help, a bad one can also be a nightmare.

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