Lessons from Zuckerberg account hack

Lessons from Zuckerberg account hack

For tech enthusiasts, it may come a little surprising to hear that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were recently hacked. And according to CBC radio technology colunmist Dan Misener, it is a precautionary tale for all of us.
So the million dollar question is, how did the account get hacked?
In 2012 Linkedin announced that over 100 million passwords had been leaked. Zuckerberg’s account was likely one of those.
The group that claimed responsibility for the breach disclosed that his password, ‘dadada’, was too weak. And since he had recently become a father, it wasn’t such a hard thing to guess.
It would then be that the hackers used the same password to gain access into his Twitter and Pinterest accounts.
Perhaps the most surprising thing will be that even such tech big shots like Zuckerberg will do the same thing many of us do: using the same password for different social networks and sites.
Now we have many things to learn from Zuckerberg, and one of that is not to use weak, easy to guess, passwords. And secondly, to avoid using the same password on different accounts.
When possible, you may also consider using multiple authentication means for very important accounts.

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