Kanye West breaks the internet with his ‘Famous’ video

Kanye West breaks the internet with his ‘Famous’ video

Kanye West Unveils “Famous” Music Video – Himself And Kim Nekked In Bed With Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Amber Rose, Ray J, Bill Cosby And Donald Trump & More 
Kanye West has unveiled the video for his song Famous – and a lot more besides. The bizarre video features the controversial rapper in bed with his wife Kim Kardashian naked and asleep, along with ten other naked and sleeping celebrities including Taylor Swift and Ray J.

In the song, Kanye infamously rapped about Taylor that he ‘made that b***h famous,’ and adds that they might still have s*x. Swift, with * and * exposed, has pride of place beside Kanye himself.

It’s the kind of video the internet goes crazy for and demands your attention. In fact, the music for “Famous” cuts off around the 2 minute 20 second mark and leaves you with nothing to do but just stare at the naked bodies laying around.

Apparently, the video was inspired by Vincent Desiderio’s “Sleep” painting. 

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