GIF feature may be rolling out soon for WhatsApp users

GIF feature may be rolling out soon for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp users would not have to wait long to have their favorite chat app allow them share animated GIFs, as the feature is reportedly being built into the application.
The feature, which has made its way into several other chat apps, would allow users to share GIF images. It has been spotted as part of the recent update on WhatsApp for iOS’ beta release, and Android users should be hopeful to get the update soon, though there is no information on when the feature will be rolled.
Part of the updates for the beta release include the support for autoplaying GIF images, among several bug fixes and improvements.
GIF images can autoplay when shared as a link. The app also allows a GIF image to be saved to a user’s camera roll (it also includes the option to save it as a simple image). The ability to directly reply to gif image messages, encryption support for GIF sharing, and support for Peek and Pop (3D Touch) actions on GIF images are part of the changes.

Recently, WhatsApp had included the support for document sharing. Perhaps users can also expect that video calling will soon be possible on the platform.

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