Facebook will delete your photos if you don’t install Moments before July 7

Facebook will delete your photos if you don’t install Moments before July 7

Facebook is up with another one of its forceful strategies to get users into accepting its apps; this time it is its photo-sharing app, Moments.

According to Techcrunch, the social network is sending mails to users urging them to install Moments or face losing the photos that were synchronised with the cloud from their mobile devices.

The photos, stored in ‘Synced Albums’ and ‘Synced Photos’, will be deleted if Moments is not installed by July 7, and the panic of the threat is already yielding results, as there has been an upsurge in the number of downloads for the app.

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Moments allows you to privately share photos with your friends, and is meant to replace the photo synchronisation feature which was removed in January from Facebook’s primary mobile app. It can be understood that this was done to make people move over to its Moments app, just the way it did with the Messenger app.

When Facebook wanted to get people to use the Messenger app, it removed the private chat feature from the main app. This strategy seems to work well for the company. Though in this case it may even work better as many persons are confused on what Facebook actually plans to delete and the panic is making them install Moments just to secure their photos.

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