9 things parents won’t tell their children; you’ll find yours never told you, too

9 things parents won’t tell their children; you’ll find yours never told you, too

Do they mean to keep these things secret, or does it just happen? Does it have to do with protecting themselves, their pride or shame, as the case may be? And if you are a parent, what do you think about sharing this information with your grown-up children? Maybe some are just not necessary. But won’t some children like to know?
Well, different persons will surely have different views on the matter. But my point is, here are things parents don’t get to tell their children. In most cases, the children discover these things from other sources, or after the death of one or both of their parents. As for whether or not it would be better if a child was told, everyone will have to decide for themselves.
Here’s my list.

1. How much they earn

You either snoop that out or you live with a guess work. Most parents will hardly share information on how much they earn by themselves.

2. How much they are worth

If any of your parents makes it to Forbes’ list, or any of those, then you’d know it from there for the first time. Or wait till the will is read.

3. How much they owe

This is where the problem lies. Many people can easily excuse the previous ones, but what about this? At least for the sake of the direct impact it has on the children once the parents are gone.

4. That they still miss their ex

If you love the other parent very much, you’d feel jealous when one tells you this.

5. That they didn’t plan to have you when you came

You’d feel some sort of rejection if you get to hear this. So you might as well prefer they don’t tell you.

6. That they tried aborting you

This one is a no-go. You’d probably not be able to get over it. Forgiving them will be a big deal. But if you know they tried it, you can as well comfort yourself by reminding yourself ‘you are more than a conqueror.’ Sure! You survived.

7. That they are dying of cancer

You’d think it’s only in the movies; but, no! And the excuse is same: they don’t want to bother you with their problems. So you get to hear it when they are already bedridden, and the doctor insists on it.

 8. That they’ve tested positive of HIV

It’s a general fear; but for the sake of family, the ones that should take care of them should know early enough. It is embarrassing, though, especially if this comes from a careless lifestyle.

9. That they’ve cheated and are expecting a baby

This one is more for the men. You only get to see the result of it when you hear much later of a secret son/daughter your dad had, especially after his death. Then there is the paternity test saga.

Are you a child or parent? What do you think about these things? You can also add to the list.

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