6 ways to gain more storage space in your iPhone

6 ways to gain more storage space in your iPhone

Your iPhone will easily run out of two things: Power and storage space.
It is easy to just plug in your phone and get it powered back, turn on low power mode to reduce battery consumption, or buy a portable battery pack. But when it comes to storage space, you’d have to take some steps and make some choices.
Models with higher storage capacity are a lot more expensive. Using cloud storage will require having internet connection whenever you need to access your files.
The only means of getting back some storage space is by freeing them up. This means some things have to go from the phone to create space for more. Here are six things to get rid of. But to ensure you don’t lose something you’d need some other time, you can back up your phone to your computer or to the cloud.

1. Clear out some images

When you go through your images you will find those you really do not need. There are always many of such. The selfies and screenshots are the most defaulters. You can back up your photos with Google photos before deleting them. Check those you took multiple times. You should also check for Instagram photos and videos which are saved by default to the phone after being posted. Afterwards, you can go to your Instagram and disable the option of saving original photos/vidoes.

2. Delete from ‘Recently Deleted’

iOS 8 and above came with a feature that allows recently deleted photos and videos to still be kept for about 30 days after they’ve been deleted. They are moved to the “Recently Deleted” folder. This allows you to recover these files if you need to, but it also consumes storage space. You can go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted, and select those ones you want to permanently delete immediately and get rid of them.

3. Delete iMovie projects

Whenever you use iMovie to edit your videos, it creates a video project file. Video projects with many video clips, audio files and transition effects can amount to large files that will take up good space. By deleting them, you free up the spaces they occupy.

4. Avoid 4K video

4K video, available for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, allows you to record videos whose resolutions are four times more than the standard 1080 HD resolution. This amounts to high number of pixels, hence, large storage space occupied.

If you are recording with 4k video, you should consider turning it off so your video files won’t be so large. And if you must use that, then you can consider transferring to a computer every time so you delete the phone file and free up the space.

5. Start streaming music

Trends are changing. Music streaming is fast becoming the norm over buying and storing music on phones. Music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal allow you to do that. It requires you to have internet connection to access music stored in the cloud, however you can also choose to download some to listen to offline.
It is either you delete all your music files and opt for streaming, or you check for the ones you haven’t listened to in a long while and get them off.

6. Check your email apps

Some email apps synchronise and download your entire inbox for offline access. In this case, having more than one email app will mean more storage space consumed by the synchronised mails. You should get rid of different email apps and leave the one that works best. It is possible to have different email addresses configured into the same app.

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