5 exciting and healthy ways to spend your after-work hours

5 exciting and healthy ways to spend your after-work hours

Work is work, and even when your job is fun and enjoyable to you, the fact that it is tagged “work” gives whatever you do a stereotype that affects you directly or indirectly. So after spending long hours on that activity or set of activities, there is the time to shut down for the day.
This time is quite significant, or should be. One thing that should mark it is a feeling of ease from the pressure of meeting up with tasks. In order words, after work, you should ‘unwind’; relax and feel at ease. This feeling of ease should characterise whatever else you do. The time gap between when you leave work and when you return the next day should serve to refresh you and put you in a better mood for productivity.
Here are 5 great ways to spend your after-work hours.

1. Hit the gym

You have probably spent most of your time sitting in front of a computer system; or just sitting. When you leave, engaging in some exercises will help boost your energy. Sitting is tiring. It weakens you, and if you continue that way for long, you start having several health challenges. It is necessary to keep your body and bones strong. And when you are going to the gym, you can go with some friends so the interaction will also help lighten your mood and give you other things to take your mind off work.

2. Take a walk

If the gym isn’t possible, a walk can still do. Take a long walk. It is more fun if you close early in the evenings and you live in an area with plenty of vegetation. The walk is refreshing. It gives you time to sort your mind and clear out issues about work that day. A walk around your neighbourhood can also be a good time to keep up with what’s happening around you; things you may not know because of your usual work schedule. You greet neighbours, say hi to people you pass on your way, smile at everyone, and just feel good.

3. Cook something

Cooking doesn’t have to be seen as a chore. It can also be a form of relaxation, especially when you do it with ease. Don’t feel under pressure. Don’t make it another work. Rather have fun with it. Try out some new recipes. Make it a family thing and get everyone involved, or invite some friends over. Gist, laugh and have fun while you are on it.

4. Hang out or go on a date

Dates bring out another side of you. So if you are single, your after-work hours are a good dating time. But whether or not you are single, hanging out is still very okay. You can find some good friends to hang out with, talk about everything unserious, laugh, play, and have a good time. Some days at work can be particularly very stressful or full of unpleasant events. There is the temptation to just run back home and leave everything heavy in your mind. But when you hang out and have good laughter, you find you can even joke about the heavy issues and release them from your mind.

5. Have a house party

Who says you can’t have fun at home? Turn on the music, the kind that lifts your spirit and excites you. Dance to it, even if you are all by yourself. Keep the volume high enough to pump you up, but low enough not to disturb your neighbour.
The last thing you need is to spend more long hours before another screen, especially if that screen is your television or laptop (take home work). But even if you must catch up with the news, make sure you get some excitement and activities. All work and no play, and you will keep losing motivation for more work.

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