10 annoying things people do at events; you must not try the last four again

10 annoying things people do at events; you must not try the last four again

Weekends are always marked with many events and celebrations. For some, they’d have more invitations than they can afford to attend. These occasions are fun. But one undeniable fact is that putting together an event can be nerve-wracking. And just when you have gone through the hurdles of preparation, you still get to face more annoying episodes during the D-day. I’m talking about the attitudes of attendees.
Here is my list of top annoying things people do at occasions. They annoy me, whether or not I am the organiser. And I must confess that these are some of the things that make me anxious about playing the host.

 1. Come late, then complain of event ending late

Some give the excuse of being busy, but we all know the “African Time” phenomenon. It has eaten deep into us and become the order of the day. While you sit in your house telling yourself people haven’t come and the event hasn’t started, the question to ask is: So who are the people to come and start the programme?

2. Rush to the special seats

Some persons are so presumptuous about their personality, and would go straight to the high table or special seats in front. If there are no ushers, it is better to quietly sit yourself somewhere else and get more honoured when you are invited to the special place, if you are among those to be recognised.

 3. Disregard the ushers

These people are there to help maintain order. Irrespective of who you are, you should respect them and sit where they ask you to. But if you must not for special reasons, you can also quietly discuss with the ushers. Everyone is king at their duty post.

4. Gist while a speaker is standing

It is not very easy to stand before a crowd and do something. The person in front of you deserves to be acknowledged. Making noise and distracting others can send a bad message to the speaker.

5. Chew gums aloud

This one is more for the ladies. You won’t concentrate, and you will distract others too. The sound can be irritating to those close to you. More so, you will be misrepresenting yourself.

6. Spray money on the celebrant(s)

I am really surprised that the culture of spraying money on people at receptions still persists. In this age of enlightenment? More annoying is the fact that it is all about showing off. There are a thousand and one ways to still get the bucks across to the people. The most important thing should be that you gave it to them and they got it, and not the attention.

7. Hoard packs of food and drinks

This one is very disgraceful. But I am so astonished to find that even people who can afford to host the same event would behave badly once it comes to food. I ask, is there something about occasion food that makes it so special you’d get tricky just to have more packs?

8. Take more food than they can finish

Some take more than they should normally consume and force themselves to finish it. While others, maybe, just delight in keeping the food and plenty meat off the reach of others. Why this second set is more annoying is because they barely touch the food, and, of course, the left overs are wasted. In fact, in many occasions, the foods wasted would be enough for one or more other events.

9. Get drunk

Those who do this disgrace both themselves and their acquaintances. They make a public show of their immaturity and lose respect. For God’s sake, you should know how much you can bear and exercise self-control not to even get close to it. The fact that the drinks are available doesn’t mean you must drink all. Moderation is a necessary virtue for everyone, and should be displayed in such times. For some, they do this when they are not the ones paying for the drinks. Well, you are actually doing more harm to yourself than you think you are taking advantage of someone else’s generosity.

10. Fight for souvenirs

I bet it is not the first of that thing you’d have. You probably have gathered so much of it from previous occasions. Why in the world would you fight for a souvenir? I know of someone whose legs got broken fighting for a souvenir. And to know that this person can afford hosting the same event was the height of the immaturity.

For crying out loud, why do many people misbehave when they go for occasions? Why do you think they do these things? I’ll like to get answers. And if you have more things that should have been on the list, you can drop them as comments.

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